Variety Identification

Testing Services Detail

CSP Genetics Lab uses SSR marker (Simple sequence repeat) technology to fingerprint varieties. We have developed an
extensive database for several crops. For example, we have more than 200 varieties of strawberry in our database. Clients
simply need to collect a leaf of a suspect variety and we compare its SSR fingerprint to varieties in our database. For Grapevines,
we have all the California varieties in our database. The results are often available in 1-2 weeks.

We offer Variety Identification on the following crops:

Berries: Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry & Strawberry.
Vegetables : Arugula, Brassica, Cucumber, Cantaloupe, Melon, Squash, Watermelon, Lettuce, Pepper, Tomato & Sunflower.
Fruit & Nut Trees: Almond, Cherry, Peach, Pistachio & Walnut.
: Scions & Rootstocks.
: Oranges, Lemons (Scions & Rootstocks).