Genotyping – Variety Identification, Hybrid Purity

Variety Identification (Fingerprinting) by SNP or SSR Markers

We offer variety identification (variety fingerprinting) services for several crops. Our lab is able to create a reference genetic fingerprint of your material (seed or plant), store it in our database, and run comparisons to that reference as you submit subsequent samples for analysis. We have high throughput equipment including automated liquid handles for DNA extraction, Hydro cyclers for PCR and 96 capillary electrophoresis for fragment analysis.

Hybrid Purity by Markers

We use PCR technology to test the purity of your hybrids by identifying a set of typically 12 SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) markers that work with your material. We can then run the analysis for 46 or more seeds per sample, based on your requirements.

DNA Markers

Our lab uses SSR (simple sequence repeat) and SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) DNA markers. Depending on the type of material (i.e. which crop, whether it’s seed or plant tissue, etc.), we select the appropriate technology to perform analysis. Our lab is equipped to perform either capillary electrophoresis (CE), Taqman genotyping, or Kompetitive Allele Specific PCR (KASP) techniques. We are able to adapt to customer requirements if a one technology is preferred over another.

Tests available:

| Blueberry | Blackberry | Raspberry | Strawberry |

Fruit, Nut trees & Grapevine:
Apples | Apricot | Almond | Avocado | Cherry | Citrus | Fig | Grapevine | Hazelnut | Hemp | Hop | Kiwi | Olive | Prunus | Pear | Pecan | Pistachio | Pomegranate | Walnut |

Vegetables, Cereals:
Cucumber | Eggplant | Gourd | Lettuce | Pepper | Melon | Potato | Pumpkin | Rice | Sunflower | Spinach | Squash | Tomato | Watermelon | Wheat |

Please call us if the crop of your interest is not listed.