Tests Available On Hemp

Fungal testing
Most of these pathogens are culturable and tested by culture on media, blotter, direct microscopy and PCR tests.
Colletotrichum coccodes (=C.dematium) – Anthracnose
Macrophomina phaseolina – Charcoal rot
Botrytis cinerea – Damping off
Fusarium oxysporum – Damping off, Wilt, Canker
Fusarium solani – Foot rot
Verticillium dahliae – Wilt
Alternaria alternata – Brown blight
Ascochyta spp – Leaf spot, Blight
Phoma spp – Stem canker
Didymella spp – Leaf spot, Blight
Cladosporium cladosporioides – Stem canker
Stemphyllium spp. – Leaf spot, Blight
Septoria cannabis – Blight
Pythium spp – Damping off, Root rot
Rhizoctonia solani – Damping off, Root rot
Sclerotinia sclerotiorum – Damping off, Canker
Sphaerotheca – Powdery mildew
Phymatotrichus omnivorum – Texas root rot
Cercospora cannabis – Olive leaf spot
Pseudoperonospora – Downy mildew
Epicoccum nigrum – Black dot disease

Viruses and Phytoplasma testing
These pathogens are nonculturable and tested by PCR.
Hop latent viroid – HLVd
Alfalfa (Lucerne) mosaic virus – AMV
Arabis mosaic virus – ArMV
Cucumber mosaic virus – CMV
Sunn-hemp mosaic virus – SHMV
Tobamo group viruses
TOSPO group viruses
Phytoplasma – MLO (Witches’ broom

Nematode testing
Soil samples can be submitted.
Heterodera humuli – Cyst
Heterodera schachtii – Cyst
Longidorus maximus – Needle
Meloidogyne incognita – Root knot
Meloidogyne javanica – Root knot
Ditylenchus dipsaci

Please call us if a test of your interest is not listed above.