Plant Health Testing Services

Plant Health Testing - Services Overview

Full-Service Plant Disease Diagnostics

Our plant health lab provides fast diagnosis of plant diseases to help farm and nursery managers take corrective steps as quickly as possible. Our pathologists are happy to talk to you to learn more about what you’re seeing in the field or if you need input on developing a quality control program. Our customers include nurseries, growers, and consultants.

The Process

We accept symptomatic and asymptomatic plant tissue and have the necessary permits for you to ship the tissue to our lab. We encourage our customers to discuss their needs with a pathologist on our team so we can help you sample if necessary. Once your sample arrives we apply the correct analytical methods based on the crop, what we know about the sample and the usual suspects, and the diagnostic methods that are applicable. You’ll be notified when your samples have arrived and when your results are available.

The methods that are applied and the target pathogens are highly dependent on your requirements and the sample. For crops like grapevines or strawberries there are some pathogens that we look for routinely. For these we offer our MultiScan which is a test panel to find those routine pathogens.

Program Development

For customers requiring routine service our lab can help to develop a sampling and testing program to meet your quality needs. Furthermore, for high quantity testing we provide special pricing, discounts, and special service levels (i.e. guaranteed turnaround times based on needs).

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