Seed Health Testing Services

About Seed Health Testing

Seed Health testing is our core strength. We have been providing vegetable seed health testing services since 1992 (when CSP Labs was founded). Many of the methods we use to perform seed health testing conform to NSHS or ISHI standards and our R&D team helps develop new methods for use by us and others in the industry.

Wide Range of Capabilities – Greenhouse, Microbiological, and Molecular Methods

CSPL is able to test for a wide range of bacterial, fungal, and viral pathogens. We are equipped to perform tests by liquid plating, PCR, green house grow out plus visual inspection, blotter, and microscopy.

NSHS Accredited Testing

CSPL offers several tests that are accredited by the National Seed Health System (NSHS). The NSHS website lists which tests are accredited at CSP Labs (see

Helping Move Your Seed

CSPL also offers a variety of tests that are not accredited by NSHS but are accepted internationally by regulatory authorities. Contact us for details.

Please call us if crop of your interest is not listed.