Service Levels

Better Manage Your Budget and Maximize Utility

CSP Labs offers customers multiple service levels to choose from when selecting testing. The service levels and their availability are described below:

Level Description Pricing
Standard Started (and possibly completed*) within 10 business days List price
Rush Typically started (and possibly completed*) within 5 business days** 20% surcharge
Super Rush Guaranteed to start (and possibly be completed*) within 2 business days 50% surcharge + $50 per order

* For tests with longer durations (e.g. culture or grow out methods) the service level guarantees that the test will be started within the number of days specified.
** Rush testing does not guarantee 5-day turnaround when sample volumes are extraordinarily high.

Volume Discounts Available

If your company requires routine testing, or high-volume testing, please contact us to inquire about volume discounts. Depending on what type of testing you require we may be able to offer a discount.

Reserved Capacity or Block Purchasing

Companies that have more accurate volume estimates may want to take advantage of our bulk purchasing. With bulk purchasing you may do an upfront purchase of a certain number of tests, with a predefined throughput, for a steep discount.